Parental Control

Worry about your

child’s activities



Setting up parental control

Setting up parental control for every device used by your kids and your internet router at home is crucial to protect them from potentially harmful and inappropriate material and thus you don’t have to look over their shoulder for 24 hours. You can also restrict access by time and type of content.

Parental control in Android devices (android smart phone, running lollipop or later)

In some android smart phones, you can restrict your kid’s activities online by creating a new profile for your kid. This profile will be used by your kid in the way you want, for example you can limit access to the adult content website. Your own profile will be locked with passcode or pattern. Do not share your passcode or pattern with your kid.

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Parental control in ios devices (iphone & ipad)

In your kid’s iphone or ipad the parental control is called restriction. This function can almost restrict everything you want on your device.

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Parental control Apps


Beside setting up parental control on your devices, you can alternatively install applications from Apps store and Google play store to protect your children from harmful and inappropriate contents.


Read the description of each application carefully and review its rating or comments by users before making decision to install it in your device. There are a number of purchase apps which are recommended but also free apps are available in Apps store and google play store such as "Secure Teen".

Parental control on Window

On Window (7,8 &10) and Macintosh (Mac), parental control function is built in and is very useful for users to monitor their children’s activities online and to limit time of use, type of contents they may see and also unpreferable websites. Parents also could view web history their children surfed.

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Parental control in internet router

Many internet routers have built-in parental control function. It is easy to use and can control the internet activities of the child, can limit the child to access certain websites and restrict the time of surfing. There are numerous types of router produced by deferent companies and thus their parental control function and set-up procedure are slightly deferent.

Please watch the video tutorial about setting-up parental control in TP-LINK router on the right-hand side or read its manual in the link below: