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National Law Enforcement

In the long-term, APLE envisions a pro-active and skilled police force that is able to investigate and respond to offline and online cases of child sexual abuse or exploitation on their own. However, financial, material, and human resources prevent the police from doing this and the use of grooming reduces the likelihood that a victim will disclose the abuse. APLE has become a leading expert in investigating street-based abuse and works closely with the Cambodian National Police and its specialists,the Anti-Cyber Crimes and Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police to build their knowledge and skills. APLE also assist the municipal police, including the Criminal Investigation Department and the Military Police. We commend the police for the great strides made thus far and look forward to assisting them in

A discussion with dep. director of AHTJP department

Foreign Law Enforcement

Given that street-based abuse is most often perpetrated by travelling sex offenders, APLE also assists in cases where the suspect is foreign. When offenders of different nationalities are involved, APLE works closely with their respective countries’ law enforcement agencies to facilitate cooperation with the CNP and provide local expertise. APLE has built relationships with approximately 15 law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, ICE, AFP, UK CEOP, and Nordic Police. APLE strives to ensure all investigations it assists in meet international police standards. In addition, APLE’s cooperation with foreign law enforcement has led to some suspects being tried in their home country for crimes against children committed in Cambodia.

Letter of recognition by the FBI