Histo History

In recent years, internet usage and connectivity has rapidly grown and in Cambodia there has been a significant increase in young people and adults having smartphones and other electronic devices that access the internet. Although society benefits greatly from the opportunities afforded by the internet, especially in the area of Education, sadly there are also people who use the technology for illegal activities, in particular accessing and distributing Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

The FBI reports a 2000 percent increase in the number of child pornography images on the internet since 1996. According to the FBI, Chat rooms offer the advantage of immediate communication around the world and provide the pedophile/predator with an anonymous means of recruiting children into sexually illicit relationships. Approximately 116,000 child pornography requests are made daily on the Internet

To respond to this matter APLE has launched its Internet Hotline platform which will be implemented to receive online notifications from anyone accessing the internet that has information of illegal content in relation to Children’s pornography or offensive material or images of sexual content involving children.

The APLE Internet Hotline will respond by offering a platform via the APLE homepage for members of the community to access an online notification form to report illegal content, to make the internet environment safer.

Upon receiving a notification, an analyst will assess the content in accordance with both Cambodian Law and International Law and consider and consider if the content is illegal, and if so, take steps to have the illegal content removed, in consultation with Law Enforcement and/or mobile network operators and internet service providers (ISP). The analyst can refer the content to the Anti-Cyber Department of the Cambodian National Police (CNP’s ACD) and/or the APLE Investigations team. If the content depicts foreign children or foreign perpetrators or Cambodian children outside Cambodia, the analyst will refer to the International Law Enforcement applicable to the persons depicted.